5BILLION Latex Resistance Streching Band Set - Pull Up Assist Bands Exercise Muscle Ups Powerlifting 4 Pieces / Case

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5BILLION Pull Up Bands are made of high quality material, which is 100% natural latex. They are durable and will not break during workout. And they are environmentally friendly without pungent smell. 
Perfect for Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Push Ups and Powerlifting
Are you looking for a great back and arm workout but not able to do a single pull up by your own? 5BILLION Pull Up Bands are here to assist. 
Simply wrap the band around the pull-up bar, pull the bar to either your foot (more assistance) or knee (less assistance) and do pull-ups. Whether you are just starting out with pull ups or an athlete working on regaining or enhancing your strength, 5BILLION Pull Up Bands will help you to take your pull up and chin up training to the next level. 
Ideal For Mobility Training
5BILLION Pull Up Bands can assist you with your mobility training, by stretching your hamstrings, arms and shoulder muscles. Warm up with them before your workout, and use it to cool down after your workout. 
Lightweight and Portable
Resistance bands has 4 different levels, you can choose different for efficient training

4 Different RESISTANCE BANDS Levels: 
Green (10-35 lbs) : 208cm*1.3cm*4.5mm (Length*Width*Thick) 
Yellow (25-65 lbs) : 208cm*2.2cm*4.5mm (Length*Width*Thick) 
Orange (40-80 lbs) : 208cm*2.9cm*4.5mm (Length*Width*Thick) 
Black (50-120 lbs) : 208cm*4.5cm*4.5mm (Length*Width*Thick) 


 12.00 inches * 6.30 inches * 4.00 inches
 2.34 pounds