MSG 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller for Muscles - Rechargeable Electric High Density Muscle Roller for Physical Therapy, Exercise and Deep Tissue Muscle Massage 1 Piece / Case

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Note: Please get full charge before using it. 
Keeping the body's soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) loose is essential for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. While foam rollers can help the body stay loose, adding vibration with the intensity and frequency of the vibration fitness foam roller takes the whole experience to another level. The vibration fitness foam roller has been used by the world's best athletes to warm up and recover from training and competition. It can be used by anyone who wants to move better. 
All digital circuitry controls 3 levels of massage intensity, super easy to use and super easy to charge. One full charge will give you over two hours of vibrating massage. 
Perfect for muscle toning and muscle building. It reduces fat and relaxes your muscles. 
This means lesser fat tissues and more toned muscles, ABS, thighs and buttocks. 


 15.00 inches * 6.00 inches * 6.00 inches
 3.75 pounds