MSG Self Massager Cane Massage Therapy Tool Acupressure Tools Quick Muscle Pain Relief Back Massager Hook Recommend to People with Tight Sore Shoulder Back Neck Muscles 1 Piece / Case

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The simpler the better
Some people like the massage hook with many therapy node, thought it would be effective or can use it in multiples. But it is proved not, you will usually only use one node in actually, not others. 
Portable enough
It is really lightweight, the msg massage hook is portable to bring to the gym, work or when traveling. It might be the best gift to treat your(people who you really cares) body. 

Choose it and have better life
If you suffer from heavy muscle knots, trigger points or myofascial pain syndrome (mps) in the neck, shoulder, back, torso, thigh/HIPS, legs and feet and require healing and relief, msg hook massager is the perfect massage therapy tool for you. Designed for deep into muscle relief, you now have the convenience of a professional chiropractor, physical therapist or masseuse in your own hands. 

Recommended for: 
- myofascial pain syndrome (mps)
- fibromyalgia
- muscular exertion overload
- repetitive stress overload
- biochemical overload
- postural overload, antalgic postural overloads and degenerative postural overloads
- referred pain overload
- muscle trauma overload
- neck pain
- shoulder pain
- back pain
- chest pain
- abdomen pain
- torso pain
- thigh/HIPS pain
- leg pain
- feet pain
- low back pain

Great for athletes, bodybuilders, gym goers, massage lovers and those going through physical therapy and recovering from injuries. 
Even the hard to reach areas between the shoulder blades and mid-back are also easily massaged, helping relieve pain, tension, and stress all over the body. 
By applying pressure to the affected muscle patch, blood circulation is stimulated to flow to muscles, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients for faster muscle relief and recovery. 


 18.10 inches * 7.40 inches * 1.40 inches
 0.79 pounds