RevTime Super Large Exercise Mat 6 x 6 Feet (72"x72") Heavy Duty Cardio Mat For Home Workouts Gym Black 1 Piece / Roll

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Synthetic rubber


Revtime large exercise mat, the most professional exercise mat for your home. 
• 6'x6' super large mat is comfortable for all your workouts at home, even for couple use. 
• made of solid rubber, real rubber, not foam, high flexible but not "spongy", it is heavy enough that can be use on carpet or hardwood floor, of course, other surfaces were ok too. 
• suit for home workouts with or without shoes. 
• it is not a very thick mat, but the thickness is just suitable for exercise, it is a heavy mat, high density, non-moveable. 
• made of eco-friendly rubber. No latex. Toxin free. No odor. Pure materials, no any smell. 
• anti-slip surface with bronzing golden logo "revtime". The side with the logo is the top. This side is perfect for cardio workouts with shoes or no shoes. 
• please note: Yoga mat is not exercise mat, too soft or too thick mat may injure your feet, this mat is exactly "exercise mat", suit for p90X, insanity, dance workouts, zumba, home gym workouts, kettle bell, jumping rope, etc. 
Warranty time: 12 months. 


 72.00 inches * 5.50 inches * 5.50 inches
 27.50 pounds