Yoga Foam Rollers Physical Therapy Trigger Point Hip Roller Grid Deep Tissue Textured Foam Roller for Massage Sports Medicine Equipment Alleviates Workout Pain Cellulite Lactic Acid by Ueasy 1 Bag / Bag

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Do you want to get rid of aching muscles quickly and without expensive massage therapists? You need Ueasy Foam Roller! 

Ueasy is focus on fitness and outdoors products research and envelopment, aim to an innovation solution for exercises. 
Ueasy product already throughout North America, Europe and Japan, etc. Our target is make your life easy through use Ueasy outdoors and fitness products. 

The Ueasy Foam Roller specializes in: 
- Myofascial & Lactic Acid release to relieve muscle tension & soreness quickly. 
- Increase Oxygen flow & blood circulation. 
- Improve Core strength, balance, mobility, flexibility & posture. 
- Relieve back pain & reduce stress. 
- Recover from & prevent sports related injuries. 
- Lightweight & portable with only 13X5.5 inches (33X12.5cm). 

The Ueasy outer high density trigger point foam roller design allows you to: 
- Warm up safely before your workout. 
- Relax your muscles quickly after a strenuous workout. 
- Target & treat painful trigger points. 
- Mimic the feeling and effects of a massage by a sport therapist. 

The softer low density inner foam roller helps you to: 
- Ease into foam rolling as a beginner. 
- Increase core strength and balance. 
- Massage more delicate areas such as your neck. 
- Target & decrease shin splint pain. 

TIPS: Warm up safely before your workout. Relax your muscles quickly after a strenuous workout. 

Questions and answers: 
Q1: Is there a weight limit? 
A1: YES, but oit can load-bearing 250KG/550LBS. 
Q2: Does the foam center come out? 
A2: No it does not, it is hollow and very comfortable. 


 13.00 inches * 5.50 inches * 5.50 inches
 0.45 pounds