MSG High Density Foam Muscle Roller with Handles, Therapy Self Massage Tool, Pressure Point Massager, to Prevent Cramps, Release Tension 1 Piece / Case

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Special edition foam roller stick for muscle massage: 
Athletes, sports trainers, massage and physical therapists and chiropractors everywhere! It's innovative massage stick instantly adjusts to skin temperature - never cold to the touch and the independently rolling massage bar glides smoothly over bare skin/clothing without tugging. 
The high density, shock absorbing, durable foam roller stick won't deteriorate after repeated use like most foam rollers. 
Ideal for before and after every workout, for self-massage, or as directed by a healthcare professional, the foam roller massager is a great tool for my of ascialrelease and deep tissue massage. These qualities make this roller stick best on the market! 
The ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue massage action that goes beyond just flattening the trigger points and tight areas. 
Roller massagers are popular with runners, cyclists, and others who seek the benefits of massage and trigger point therapy. 
The roller massager can reduce muscle soreness and pain in targeted areas, while also increasing muscle flexibility and range of motion. 

Our foam roler stick is much better and more effective than the ordinary plastic roller stick. 
Try it and if you once used the plastic one you will feel the difference! 
100% money back guarantee! 
Order yours today! 
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 21.50 inches * 2.10 inches * 2.10 inches
 0.95 pounds