Yvette Women Criss Cross Back Sports Bra-High Impact Plus Size Strappy Bra 1 Piece / Bag

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Yvette Sports Bra: 
Criss cross sports bra.
High impact plus size sports bras for women.
Originally Designed.
Perfect for Jogging, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Skiing training.
Fabric is wicking, breathable, Lightweight, super soft, smooth, stretchy.

Why choose a sport bra? To protect your figure. 
Every woman needs a pull-over sports bra that will keep her cool, comfortable, and lifted throughout her workout. If you do any kind of activity that makes your breast bounce up and down you should consider wearing a sport bra. Your breasts do not contain any supportive components such as bones or muscles. Breasts are mostly made of fatty tissue and mammary glands. Most of the support comes from the skin that surrounds the bust and some ligaments. Once the ligaments and skin are stretched from excessive movement there is no way to undo it. Therefore the right support through the correct bra is necessary. 

The Story of YVETTE
YVETTE is a new sports brand based on the simple idea: For every woman, to feel comfortable in our sports apparel. YVETTE started with a simple plan to make a superior sports bra for women. A pair of sports bra that works with your body to protect your breasts and enhance performance. Founded in 2012, we were the first company to focus only on Chinese sports women and we grow so fast to capture the market. Joined by more and more young talented designers, we are changing the way women's sports apparel is designed, engineered and shopped. 



 9.80 inches * 6.70 inches * 0.80 inches
 0.44 pounds